Kevin Leo: Actor

Music is the vein of South Africa’s entertainment industry, but acting plays an equally important role. When you marry the two, magic happens. Kevin Leo is one of very few SA singers/actors who’s managed to find the perfect balance between his illustrious singing career as one of the country’s best loved light classical tenors while creeping into the hearts of everyone who encountered him as the enigmatic Lucci the Baker in what is arguably SA’s most successful musical film to date, LIEFLING. He has enjoyed great success in local soaps such as 7de Laan and Binneland and with the combination of his 21 year music career and his sporadic acting roles, he is now considered one of our top talents. Kevin Leo is what is considered the ‘’full package’’. He is as well known for his fantastic voice as he is for his comedy, acting skills and his larger than life personality.

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