Drie van die Bestes: Kevin Leo, Mathys Roets & Danie Niehaus

These three successful solo artists have started performing together in 1997 and after various top-selling albums, an award-winning DVD and many local and international performances (in excess over 60) they are still as popular and in demand as the day they started on this journey. Danie, Kevin and Mathys could not be more different, but their experience and talent allows each artist to still shine in his uniqueness, while combining all three’s genius in one production. Drie van die Bestes is a stylish performance which will suit many tastes with diverse music, including pop, ballades and even light opera. Audiences will be well entertained with the most beautiful and popular songs, new songs and also some surprises, and they will, without doubt, be captured by each of the three performing artists: Danie with his unique voice and sharp humour, Kevin, the brain behind Drie van die Bestes, with his velvety tenor and Mathys, the bass of the trio with his distinctive deep, dark voice.

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