Kevin Leo: Singing Chef

In addition to his incredible vocal offerings, his passion for food and cooking has brought about a new venture, the Singing Chef. The concept behind the Singing Chef is very simple – we all host dinner parties from time to time, and Kevin now offers potential clients the opportunity to host a fantastic dinner event in their private homes as he combines his masterfully culinary skills with his amazing voice. Kevin does all the cooking, preparations and serving of a three course meal while entertaining guests with his quips, comments, jokes and of course his singing. The three course dinner menus are pre-selected by the hosts and the event is sure to be a huge success with a well-loved and respected performer taking care of all your culinary expectations while entertaining the guests with live, world class music.

Menu options


  •  Bruschetta: Bite sizes thin Bruschetta, brushed with garlic, topped with diced fresh crispy sweet peppers, tomato, onion and parsley and a hint of lemon, served with balsamic vinegar and olive oil…the traditional Italian way!
  • Pollenta Delizia: Mouth-watering savoury crumbed and deep fried savoury polenta fingers enjoyed with sweet chilli sauce
  • Trinchado e Bruschetta: Thinly sliced beef filletto prepared in a delicious mouth-watering thick red wine sauce with olives, hints of garlic and chilli served with thin crispy slices of bruschetta. Ideal to get those taste buds going!
  • Black Mushrooms Gorgonzola: Meaty black mushrooms topped with creamy Italian gorgonzola, a hint of garlic sprinkled with parmigiana – a great favourite for mushroom lovers
  • Pulled Pork Bruschetta: Tender barbeque pork served on bruschetta – a must to ready those taste buds
  • French Onion Soup: Mouth-watering French onion soup prepared the traditional way topped with crispy toast and covered with melted Swiss cheese

Main course

  • Carbonara Linguini: Creamy bacon, onion, mushroom, garlic and a slight hint of chilli, prepared the original Italian way, served on real Italian Linguini
  • Stufato Surprise: Traditional beef and lamb stew with dumpling surprise, served on Basmati rice
  • Rotolo di Pollo: Tender and juicy marinated chicken breasts stuffed with flavourful ground pork and crushed pistachio nuts, rolled in smoked bacon strips, cut into medallions and crispy pan-fried. Served with delicious fluffy mashed potato and steamed fresh vegetables. A meal for royalty.
  • Whole Rump Roulade: Tender rump stuffed with streaky bacon, parmesan, pumpkin seeds and olives served with creamy mashed potato, cous cous or basmati rice.
  • Roast Leg of Lamb: Infused with garlic, pomegranate and fresh herbs. This tender taste sensation is served with fresh steamed vegetable and either mash, cous cous or basmati rice.
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu: A great French favourite enjoyed all over the world! Tender Chicken breast stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese, served on a bed of steamed asparagus and creamy Au gratin potatoes


  • Cafe é Piacere: Delightful spicy coffee, pear and mascarpone layered cake with Pecan nuts
  • Vulcano di Cioccolato: The absolute best way to finish off a delicious meal! Warm chocolate dessert with a soft melted Swiss chocolate centre served with ice cream.
  • Crème Caramel: One of the world’s greatest desserts
  • Crème Brulee: Crack the crispy caramel layer and savour every bite of this creamy vanilla dessert
  • Tiramisu: The Italian classic!


Kevin and his assistant arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to your guests arriving, for set up. • The duration of the programme is approximately 2 hours from the arrival of the guests until dessert is served. • Although Kevin loves to mingle with your guests thereafter, the amount of time that he will be able to do so, depends on his schedule for the following day and will be to his own discretion.


Should there be much more than 20 guests, the event can be changed to a Singing Chef Cooking Demonstration. You compile the menu with a caterer (appointed and paid by yourself) as the caterer will prepare and serve the various courses. Kevin Leo, as Singing Chef, will demonstrate some of the dishes on the menu. Costs: a performance fee of R 18 000 (+travel and accommodation). The products for the demonstration need to be supplied by either yourself or the caterers.

To be supplied by the host:

• A venue with a dining table • Kitchen: clean, in working condition with ample working space • The table setting as well as all décor • Cutlery, crockery (side plates, dinner plates, desert bowls and glasses (wine and drinking) for drinks) for the chosen 3-course dinner. Kevin plates and serve each course to the guests • A cleaner to assist during the event • All beverages and drinks • Any other snacks • Equipment: oven; stove; microwave; kettle; wash bay near the cooking area; food processor; hot trays and if possible a Bain Marie


Option 1: R 25 000: Kevin compiles the menu:
• Starter: French onion soup
• Mains: Chicken roulade
• Dessert: Chocolate fondant

Option 2: R 29 000: You compile your own menu from a variety of options as per above

The above includes the following:
Kevin Leo as chef and musician
All products for a 3-course meal for 12 guests
Costs for more than 12 guests: R 1 000 per person to a maximum of 20 guests

The following is excluded from the above:
Transport: R 3/km from Pretoria
Accommodation (if necessary) for Kevin as well as his assistant

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